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Jiří Brdečka: Life – Animation – Magic

Authors: Tereza Brdečková, Jiří Brdečka, Giannalberto Bendazzi, Jiří Kubíček
Hardcover, 203 pages
published by Limonadovy Joe s.r.o.

The life and work of a major filmmaker – animator and screenwriter Jiri Brdecka – is an engrossing journey into the art, personalities, politics and fight for artistic freedom in Czechoslovakia 1948-81. The book offers an intimate yet critical portrait of Brdecka, one of the founders of Czech animation, who created 35 short films and conceived and wrote scripts for feature films, winning numerous international awards. Profusely illustrated with original photos, personal documents, film stills, storyboards and drawings, Jiri Brdecka – Life – Animation –Magic is an acute vision of Brdecka’s inner world, his ironic and poetic sensibility and his impact on the world of animation and film.

Jiří Brdečka: Animation

The complete collection of animated short films directed by the classic of czech animation
3 DVD. By Anifilm and Limonadovy Joe s.r.o, 2014

Czech filmmaker JIŘÍ BRDEČKA (1917–1982) was a director of animation and, along with Jiri Trnka, one of the founders of Czech animation. As early as the 1940s, Brdečka realized the potential of animated film as serious art. He worked in the Prague animation studio Bratři v triku and between 1948 and 1981, he created 35 short films. His films Love and the Zeppelin, Gallina Vogelbirdae, Metamorpheus, The Face and others, brought him international acclaim and prizes from many leading film festivals. The acute vision of Brdecka’s magical inner world, together with his ironic and poetic sensibility, had a timeless impact on world animation.


German Fairytale,
or Smaller Rosegarden
or Laurin, King of the Dwarfs

The storyboard by Jiří Brdečka, for his unfinished animated film (1982)
© Tereza Brdečková

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